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Art as Experience is an hour-long conversation between Tom Xenakis and Sheila Blake after their visit to an exhibition, serving as a guide for taking a longer look at art.

Plein Air Painting

Tom and Sheila discuss Plein Air Painting:  its history, the great paintings in the National Gallery of At, and the techniques and materials that you can use.

The Maladies of Artists, part III

Our third program about artists whose lives were cut short due to disease, addiction, accidents, and issues arising from lives of poverty and single-minded obsession.  We’ll talk about a few  great artists and their legacies: bodies of work that challenged the past, advanced vision, and opened new possibilities, so that artists who came after could scoop it up, absorb it and add to the unknown and unseen.              Originally broadcast June 30, 2018

The Maladies of Artists, II

Our second program on a few special artists whose lives were cut short by illness, addiction, or other maladies.

Cézanne Portraits

Sheila and Tom investigate the origins of modernism by visiting the exhibition of Cézanne portraits at the National Gallery of Art.

The Maladies of Artists

Artists whose lives were cut short as casualties of war, or victims of epidemics; artists struggling with debilitating diseases: they made great art; and, of course, no one will ever know what art would have been made after their passing. They left their mark in the art world. Today’s show pays tribute to some of these artists and their legacies.

Binding Clouds: the Art of Central Asian Ikat

Tom and Sheila visit the Textile Museum in Washington DC, and discuss the Silk Road textiles called ikat.

Klee and Ten American Men

Sheila and Tom discuss Paul Klee, surrealism, Freud, psychoanalysis, playfulness, and Klee’s influence on American Abstraction, after visiting the Phillips Collection current exhibition on “Paul Klee and Ten Americans”.

Art and Fear

Tom and Sheila discuss Art and Fear, relating the topic to the exhibition, “Outliers and American Vanguard Art”, at the National Gallery of Art.