1 thought on “Marking the Infinite: Contemporary Women Artists from Aboriginal Australia

  1. Jennifer Gardiner

    Hi, I am a Visual Art educator and artist in NSW, Australia. I like listening to podcasts as I clean my house and I listened to this , the first I have listen to of yours, today. I enjoyed the reverence and excitement of your voices as you discussed the exhibition and the ideas behind some of the Indigenous art of my home country. I wanted to stop a few times and check the artists as maybe your pronunciation was a little different , and enjoyed the descriptions of the artists practice, both material and conceptual. Hearing yo reference So LeWitt who himself was a lover and collector of Australian indigenous art and Kusama was so relevant to my own teaching.
    Although not of Aboriginal nor Torres Strait Islander decent myself, I would highlight one term you used as one we discourage in our classrooms, as it harks back to the negative aspects of colonialism, and that is the term ‘Aborigine’.
    I like two quotes in particular: “visual security blanket” and something about all art making being mark making.
    Keep it up I think I will listen to you again.


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